Kokoda Track Dawn Service – Damian Di Martino

Damian Di Martino, of Haileybury Melbourne, was tasked with a Dawn Service speech on his Kokoda Trail Trek with Kokoda School Treks

Good morning everyone,

This trip has been an absolute pleasure, and I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know every one of you.

The Kokoda Track has pushed us to our limits, shown us what it means to keep going when you don’t want to, and has provided us with some great views, laughs – and an excess of mud.

There has been one crucial reason why we have all made it this far down the track today. It is our fellow brothers, our porters. They have been the backbone of our group. They have carried our personal belongings, our food, pots and pans and even our shelter. This is much like 75 years ago during the horrid war which took place here. Their generosity is unlike anyone else, their willingness to put themselves before us is outstanding. From our brothers we are able to learn so many traits and qualities which will help us become better people. Words cannot express the courage that these boys have, and their willingness to help those in need, friend or foe.

75 years ago and today, seeing the smiles on their faces gives you the will to go on. Without the Fuzzy Wuzzies and their majestic hair styles, we would not be standing here today, because they helped 75 years ago and today.

On behalf of all of us here on the track today and those fallen soldiers from 75 years ago, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you cannot comprehend the positive impact you have had on us.

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