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Getaway Trekking Pty Ltd

Getaway Trekking Pty Ltd (GT) operates treks and adventures in Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Indonesia, Europe, United Kingdom, Africa – and our own country, Australia. In response to feedback from our clients, we are currently expanding our product range, and are looking at adventure options in Japan and New Zealand. We operate from two locations, with offices in Melbourne and Cairns.

With the commencement of our business some 17 years ago, GT has successfully established a reputation for leading culturally and ecologically sensitive treks. Our vast experience in trekking, combined with our knowledge of local culture has contributed to us becoming a leader in the trekking industry.

Papua New Guinea

Although we have taken many adventurous souls to various destinations around the world, our principal destination remains the Kokoda Track in PNG. For many Australians, Kokoda is an iconic trek, and represents a growing appreciation of the bravery and sacrifice of our young diggers during the Kokoda Campaign. Getaway Trekking is recommended by DoKokoda.com for the Kokoda Trail.

Our philosophy towards our local teams sets us apart from many other trekking companies. Having spent many years developing relationships with our local staff, we value their friendship and the lessons they continue to teach us, on and off the track.  

The privilege of operating a trekking business in developing nations brings with it a social responsibility we take very seriously. We contribute on a regular basis to the destinations in which we work.  

In PNG, we support the work of the KTF, most specifically the Kokoda College, a teacher training facility recently constructed at Kou Kou Village outside Kokoda. Many of our students spend one or two days at the college following their trek, providing volunteer labour and other services to support the college and teacher trainees. 

We also support the village of Buna on the north coast, home to most of our team. Though the story of the Kokoda Track is becoming more well known, it is still a little known fact that Buna, Gona and Sanananda were scenes of some of the most ferocious fighting in PNG during WWII.  

The ladies of Buna & Sanananda have been supported in creating community gardens, for which we are their largest, though not only customer. It makes sense to us to purchase our foodstuffs from the village, rather than supermarkets in Port Moresby. As the gardens become more established, we will work with the ladies to procure more customers. 

After some lengthy lobbying, and as a result of efforts from a variety of organisations other than ours, we now have a female health worker at the Health Centre in Buna. We have provided our first batch of sanitary packs to the centre, and Maggie will be in charge of distribution. Girls and women in these areas have access to packs containing reusable sanitary pads, underwear, soap and face washer, and some information about their menstrual cycle.  

This passion resulted to the creation of Adventure School Treks (formerly Kokoda School Treks), which remains the only purpose designed program for schools wishing to offer their students the Kokoda Trail experience. It is our number one goal to ensure that students, parents and teachers find the experience of trekking Kokoda inspiring, educational and above all, rewarding. Read more about our AST program on our Adventure School Treks website. 


The Himalayas are home to some of the most captivating vistas of the world and are a mecca for many people looking for trekking adventures. 

We work with a local operator to provide options that are both adventurous and safe. Our intention is that every trekker will enjoy their trip to the fullest and feel very happy and safe as well. 

Our local operator was selected carefully, ensuring we share the same value system. Through them, we are able to ensure we are addressing issues of environmental conservation and sustainabilityOur treks ensure provide to the local people as much as possible and any potential negative impacts at the destinations are minimized. 

Our porters & guides are fully insured and provided with professional development opportunities whenever possible.  In addition, every Getaway trekker to Nepal indirectly supports the Sambhav Nepal, a non-profit that has assisted with schools, toilets, libraries and community drinking water facilities for areas in the Gorkha district hit by earthquakes.  

Up to 10% of our operator’s annual revenue goes directly towards Sambhav’s projects, including maintenance of school buildings, building toilets, searching sponsors for education of needy children.  


Australians are great travellers. And as fantastic as that is, sometimes we just forget to look in our own back yard. We are a land of savage beauty, big adventure and even bigger horizons. A trip Down Under has long been synonymous with escape, exploration and adventure – an image that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. 

We offer two adventures in Australia, both in the outback, and both showcasing the beauty of our own country. 

The Larapinta Trail is one of Australia’s newest trails and is just now receiving the recognition it deserves. This is a trail that offers something for everyone; whether that be a challenging end to end option, or a highlights trek, covering the best of the best, from the comforts of a semi-permanent campsite. 

We can combine this experience with a visit to Kings Canyon, Kata Tjuta and Uluru. This is something you will never forget. 

The Kimberley Trek & Paddle takes place in the incredibly remote area of the East Kimberley’s in Western Australia. 

This is an adventure for experienced trekkers. You will be required to carry your own pack, and trek in a harsh climate through rugged terrain. The payoff? This is hidden world with an extraordinary biodiversity and breathtaking scenery, and a world only a fortunate few experience. 

You will combine trekking across escarpments and through magnificent gorges with a gentle paddle down the Ord River. What could be better? 


The highlight of our African adventures is the iconic Mt Kilimanjaro climb. We focus strongly on helping our clients prepare for their trek, and fitness is rarely a problem. The issue many have is with altitude, hence we have chosen to summit primarily using the Machame Route. 

Again, we have selected an operator in Tanzania who conducts an ethical and socially responsible business. We believe strongly that working with businesses who do not share our values is not an option for us. 

For many, a visit to Africa is not complete without a safari, and we can offer this to you as well.  

We are at the final stages of our due diligence with some fantastic gorilla treks in Rwanda – so watch this space! 

Europe / UK 

It’s a long way away – but we all know that once we’re there it’s worth the pain of the flight. Our European program offers some fabulous trekking with great accommodation options and just great fun! 

In England, we traverse the width of this country, with our Coast to Coast Wainwright Way trek. You will cover 300km over more than 2 weeks; along the way enjoying spectacular and diverse scenery, and the hospitality of English B&B’s and of course, the Pubs! 

In Europe, we will take you on Tour Mont Blanc, one of the world’s great treks, showcasing the magnificence of the European Alps. Every corner reveals another picture postcard view, and you will love the Refugio’s that offer fantastic Italian coffee, or sumptuous French pastries. 

With both, we offer luggage transfers, so you don’t have to carry all your gear. All the benefits of being in the outdoors, with the heavy lifting done for you! 


Our Indonesia program has been interrupted by the devastation of the 2018 earthquake. We are currently in the process of re-building our activities here. 

If you need any further information on our treks and/or would simply like to chat with a member of our passionate team, please Contact Us.