About Us

Getaway Trekking Pty Ltd

Our goal is to empower travellers, staff, contractors, and the communities we work in.

Since taking ownership of Getaway Trekking in 2006, we have successfully established a reputation for leading culturally and ecologically sensitive treks and adventures in Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Japan, New Zealand, Europe, Africa – and in our own country, Australia.

Owned and operated by Sue and Wayne Fitcher, Getaway Trekking is now supported by a team of 15 based in Melbourne, Adelaide and Cairns Australia, plus our PNG crew of over 160, to ensure each trek delivers a remarkable journey for every participant. Our vast experience in trekking, combined with our knowledge of local culture has contributed to us becoming a leader in the trekking industry.

Sue and Wayne took over Getaway Trekking after Wayne completed the Kokoda track for Anzac Day 2006. We are proud to be one of the founding companies of the Kokoda Tour Operators Association, of which Sue is the immediate Past President. As you would expect, we are also accredited with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO).

CATO Member

Council of Australian Tour Operators

KTOA Founding Member

Kokoda Tour Operators Association

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Kokoda Track Authority

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Mission Statement

We provide a caring and nurturing service to our customers, recognising that for many, their experience will fall outside their comfort zone.

We have well developed and regularly reviewed procedures to ensure the delivery of safe, enjoyable and empowering experiences.

We only work with people who are passionate about what we do and committed to excellence. We provide ongoing personal and professional development to support that.

We are socially responsible, contributing regularly to the communities in which we operate as well as respecting and acting in the best interests of the environments and societies we visit.

What does this mean for you?

Ensuring your experience is empowering and memorable for all the right reasons is our priority for every single trek or adventure. Whether it’s your first time or one of many times, we provide a caring, nurturing support network that allows you to step out of your comfort zone, at a pace that suits you.

Before any trek, we work with you to ensure you are as prepared as you can be, providing information on fitness and equipment, regular training opportunities and access to a purpose-built training app so, when your adventure starts, you set off on the right foot and when it ends, you’ve experienced something truly special.


Although we have taken many adventurous souls to various destinations around the world, our principal destination remains the Kokoda Track in PNG. For many Australians, Kokoda is an iconic trek, and represents a growing appreciation of the bravery and sacrifice of our young diggers during the Kokoda Campaign. Getaway Trekking is recommended by DoKokoda.com for the Kokoda Trail.

  • Papua New Guinea
  • Nepal
  • Australia
  • Africa
  • Indonesia
  • Europe

Schools & Youth Treks

We are passionate about the Kokoda Track, its history, and the culture of its people.

This passion resulted in the creation of GTA School Treks, which remains the only purpose designed program for schools wishing to offer their students the Kokoda Track experience. It is our number one goal to ensure that students, parents, and teachers find the experience of trekking Kokoda inspiring, educational, and above all, rewarding.

We believe it’s really important that all students understand and appreciate Australia’s history, and that we honour the sacrifices made by our soldiers. During their Kokoda experience, students not only have this opportunity but also learn about teamwork and leadership, gain an appreciation of a vastly different culture, and make some fabulous new friends.

In undertaking the GTA School Treks program, students not only have this opportunity but also learn about teamwork and leadership, gain an appreciation of a vastly different culture and make some fabulous new friends along the way!

We are pleased to announce that GTA School Treks has now expanded into Nepal, Spain, Japan and of course, Australia. Check our School Treks section for further information.

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

GTA School Treks is proud to be a Registered Activity Provider for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia.

Kokoda Youth Foundation (KYF)

Kokoda Youth Foundation (KYF) is an Australian Not for Profit, addressing a demographic facing significant issues as they transition through adolescence into adulthood. AST provides trek services for the annual pilgrimage across the Kokoda Track.

Meet The Executive Team

Sue Fitcher
Chief Executive Officer
Deb Manders
Operations Manager
Wayne Fitcher
Senior Trek Leader