Aussie Camino Pilgrimage – April 2022

Dear Deb

Firstly thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

I would like to start with saying that the tour leaders (Julie and Laurie)  were exceptional in all ways. They were caring, professional and in tune with the needs of the group at all times. Our needs and our safetly were meet at at all times with a minimal of fuss. We were given opportunities for feedback and I felt included in the group and all the activities. From my point of view I can only say that they come with the highest commendation. A pleasure to meet them and I wish them all the best for the future.

The accommodation was varied but more than meet my needs. It was a pleasure to stay in the places we stayed and to meet the people who put so much effort into making a living and contributing to the small town they live in. In regard to the food I did have dietary needs – these were meet. The food was more (more) than satisfactory – many thanks for that, greatly appreciated. The attention to detail of Mary M’S life as well as other historical factors about the towns, buildings etc was greatly appreciated. I have a new found respect for Mary McKillop and plan to find out more about her life. Receiving the certificate in Penola was very moving, felt a few tears and visiting the historical buildings was also very moving.

The walk was at times was challenging, especially making the adjustments to blisters etc however just being in the group and having the support from Julie and Laurie and the group members  meant that everything worked out really well.

 The diversity of scenery and the places we visited, stories, food and good company was wonderful. It was an amazing experience thanks for the opportunity.

I wish you all the best in planning these walks in the future.

Kindest Regards

Coral Ison

Thank you so much for your feedback Coral, we’ve loved having you as part of our team. Julie and Laurie really are fabulous aren’t they? So professional and caring in every way. Hope to see you out walking again soon!