Six Steps to a New You

In simple terms, we at Getaway Trekking & Adventures run treks and outdoor experiences.

But what we really do is use the outdoors as a conduit to reach people.

To take them out of their daily lives, provide a digital and responsibility detox, allowing them to stop and breathe, having real conversations.

Exercise is great for physical and mental health; aside from increasing energy levels, it changes the level of chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins in the brain. And spending time in nature is proven to have healing effects on the body, mind and spirit.

It’s one foot in front of the other, and with such simplicity of purpose, much of the clutter in our heads simply vanishes, leaving space for a rare clarity.

We tell stories that are educational and often inspirational. We provide opportunity for conversation and for silence, for learning and for reflection.

We provide space for you to meet new friends, mixing with like minded people to whom you are free of baggage and labels. Sharing your experience in a judgement free zone allows you to be vulnerable, sharing your hopes and dreams in emotional safety.

So what’s the path to that place?


Six steps to bring about change.

Step 1. Decide.

Make a decision to step outside your comfort zone, stretch yourself and open up the possibility of making changes to your life.

Step 2. Challenge.

Choose a challenging option in a space that combines the dual returns of physical activity and spending time in nature.

Step 3. Commit.

Establish a program to improve fitness, using your challenge as your goal.  Begin with small steps, establishing discipline and commitment.

Step 4. Connect

Meet new people and make new friends. Share your experience with like minded people in a judgement free environment where you can engage in meaningful conversation.

Step 5. Experience.

An adventure that offers a feeling of freedom, an escape from day to day responsibilities and a digital detox.

Step 6. Achieve.

Enjoy the feeling of empowerment that comes with achieving outside your comfort zone. Be proud of your accomplishment – because doing hard things teaches us to do other hard things. And that’s where transformation begins.

Find out what’s inside. Outside.