Trekkers conquer Kapa Kapa track in 17 day

(Original article posted October 28, 2016 7:26 PM via looppng.com, © 2016)

Six trekkers have conquered the Kapa Kapa track for the first time.

They successfully completed the track in 17 days led by experienced trekker Peter Gamgee from the Getaway Trekking Company.

The trekkers, from Australia, Belgium and Scotland, commenced the 220km journey at Gabagaba Village, Central Province on October 4.

They completed the track on October 20 trekking across the rugged Owen Stanley Range and passing through about 20 villages including Itokama, Arapara, Jaure, Natunga and Bofu.

They spend the last two nights of the journey at the Buna area where the Battle of Buna–Gona took place during WW11.

The track was used by American soldiers during World War 2 in 1942 during a battle to defeat the Japanese on the northern beaches.

Kapa Kapa Trail runs roughly parallel and thirty miles southeast of the famous Kokoda Track.

Gamgee said the trip was quite challenging but very much enjoyed and they managed to cross the ranges through flooded rivers.

“We had mostly good weather and many special welcomes at remote villages.

“It was a great trip but there were some tough trekking days of up to 14 hours,” Gamgee explained.

He added that they received great welcome by communities, ate mostly local food, lost some weight but there were no serious injuries.

The group returned to Port Moresby on the 22 and traveled back to their respective countries on the same weekend.

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