Female Trekking Adventures

Girls trekking adventures give women a special experience of the outdoors and their own abilities. If you yearn for new experiences and a safe way to travel and push your limits, an all-female travel experience offers an excellent way to achieve your dreams. With a like-minded group of women, you can stretch your comfort zone and delight in discovering new things about the world and yourself.

With expert guidance and a personalised training program prior to the trek, you can improve your fitness, learn about nutrition and gear, and have the trip of a lifetime in a fun and caring group.

Trekking builds stamina, strengthens muscles and bones, increases cardio-respiratory endurance and can improve the body’s ratio of fat to muscle- all while moving through scenic terrain in the company of friendly explorers.


Trekking offers an intimate way to explore new places. When you trek, you interact directly with the new environment, becoming more familiar with the new surroundings, and with the abilities of your own body. The process of training for a trek, becoming equipped to trek, travelling to a desirable destination, and exploring it under your body’s power, strengthens the mind and spirit as well as your body.

The trek is a traditional form of travel in many areas of the world, and many books celebrate trekking as a rite of passage, high adventure or spiritual journey. There are so many inspiring options – the challenge of the Kokoda Track, the diversity of Thailand treks, or the majesty of Nepal and the Himalaya.

Scenic Australian adventures offer the rewards of exploring nature closer to home; our Kimberley Trek & Paddle provides an immersion into a magnificent part of our own country. Or if you want to partake in a remote and cultural experience, consider the Mountains & Musa trek in Papua New Guinea.

Advantages of Girls Trekking Adventures

A girls trekking adventure offers a supportive atmosphere, the pleasures and security of travelling with other women, good company and experienced guides. Experienced guides prepare your way, instilling confidence and enjoyment, whether you’re a first-time trekker or world traveller.

A woman-only trip creates a special travel experience that’s relaxing and joyful. In an all-woman group, you get to try out new things and share them with women who are enjoying the journey and celebrating your successes. Many women feel more confident and at ease, able to tackle challenges with less self-consciousness in a women-only group.

Take a Step Toward a More Adventurous Life

Stepping out into the world on a journey that challenges your body and engages you in a new place with new people can be a life-changing experience, it’s also just plain fun.

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