Good morning,

I am just enquiring about your Kokoda Track Trek, planned for 10-20 September 2023.

Myself and my partner were booked with another company, however the trek has since been cancelled which is disappointing, however we’re now on the hunt for another trek over a similar period.

I’ve reviewed the information for this trek, and am keen to sign on with your company, however, I’ve just a few question prior to booking if I may:

1) I note the personal carrier is not included, which is fine, I’m just enquiring if they are available for hire through your company? In addition, what is the price to hire them, and would both my partner and I require one, or will one suffice for our tent and sleeping bags?

2) I note in the inclusions/exclusions, there is no clear mention of a hiking pack, day pack or tent.
We have acquired day packs, sleeping bags and mats for our previous tour, but with your company will the tents and hike packs be provided/hired when a personal carrier is engaged?

3) May I also ask if the trek is lead by Australian guides, or local PNG guides?

I’m sorry for all the random questions. We were completely prepped for one set of instructions, and are just hoping to bridge any gaps before committing to another trek.

Thanks for your time,

Rob – Tour: Kokoda Track Trek

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