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The Aussie Camino – April 2022

After several attempts to start this adventure, the green light was finally given for an April 4th launch. Getaway Trekking & Adventures had kept us well informed with detailed lists of what to bring, travel arrangements, insurance, our food and accommodation on the walk, etc. When we arrived in Melbourne our walk leaders [Laurie and...
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Aussie Camino Pilgrimage – April 2022

Dear Deb Firstly thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. I would like to start with saying that the tour leaders (Julie and Laurie)  were exceptional in all ways. They were caring, professional and in tune with the needs of the group at all times. Our needs and our safetly were meet at at...
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Aussie Camino Pilgrimage

Hi to All I hope your year has started well. I am currently enjoying some leave and have just returned from completing the Aussie Camino as part of my Professional Renewal Leave. This was a great experience providing a wonderful opportunity for spiritual renewal. The walk I completed was facilitated by Deb Manders at Getaway...
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Messing up – an opportunity

Social media is a strange beast. It allows us to photoshop our lives to the extent that very few actually post anything but smiles, clinking champagne glasses and beautifully plated meals. Of course that is not reflective of life. I recently took a group of women on a 5 day hiking / pilates / foodie experience...
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Six Steps to a New You

In simple terms, we at Getaway Trekking & Adventures run treks and outdoor experiences. But what we really do is use the outdoors as a conduit to reach people. To take them out of their daily lives, provide a digital and responsibility detox, allowing them to stop and breathe, having real conversations. Exercise is great...
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Seven Things You Should Know Before Selecting A Tour Operator

There are plenty of great tour operators that can help you have fantastic experiences. Whether you book your travel through an agency or direct with he operator there are some things you should know about what makes a great tour operator. 1. All professional tour operators will have appropriate licenses and insurance. Be wary of...
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My Aussie Camino

Sue Gunningham was part of our March 2021 Aussie Camino Pilgrimage. So moved was she by the experience, she penned this and shared it on our final night. First day I tried to catch your names as they drifted in the air above us, – we nervous group of pilgrims, unable to remember them I...
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My Journey – Jodie Ross

I first started trekking in 2009 and completed the Kokoda Track and Anzac Day Service at Isurava. I had always loved bushwalking and being outdoors in nature but had never undertaken anything on that scale before. My journey and physical and personal transformation really began in 2008. I lost 50kgs and my goal was to...
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Trekking in the Wet Tropics – Gear Pack/Training

Wayne joined Getaway Trekking in ’06 and with 35+ treks under his belt his expertise in this area is second to none. Here Wayne shares his key tips for getting your all important gear pack right. > Pack light weight gear as much as possible. Even a light pack becomes heavy at the end of...
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