Managing Expectations

Whilst not a traditional travel related blog topic, managing expectations is as relevant to the Kokoda Track as it is Everest Base Camp, as it is our new Nelson (NZ) trek and cycle adventure, as it is when we sit down at our desks to begin a new day.

As General Manager at Getaway Trekking (GT), I see it as my primary responsibility to ensure all of those people who elect to entrust their travel arrangements with GT have their expectations met (at a minimum) and, where possible, exceeded.

It is for this EXACT reason that you’ll never hear a GT sales team member promise you the world in order to ‘land a sale’… Too many times we are privy to stories from those we meet on journeys offered by others that have, for one reason or another, not had their expectations met because of over-promising.

The practice of ‘under-sell and over-deliver’ may well be slightly behind the times, however you’ll notice that retro is currently on-trend at the moment in many-a-retail outlet so why not a business practice! 🙂

GT prides itself on delivering a high quality, end-to-end personal experience that leaves a life-long positive impression. This begins when we speak with you for the very first time… it continues as we take you along the journey of booking, collecting information, training you in preparation of your trekking adventure and then when you finally get on that plane and take those first steps on the beginnings of your experience… it THEN continues when you return

We don’t pretend we’re perfect and are constantly looking at ways to better our service… looking at ways to manage your expectations 😉

My charter, as the newly installed GM (since Feb 2016) is to ensure that we do this and more, in all areas of our business. The 1%ers make all the difference in the world and should any stakeholder that comes into contact with GT walk away not having had their expectations met (but hopefully exceeded), should contact me directly on dthomas@getawaytrekking.com.

Enjoy the remainder of your week!




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