Brigade Hill Speech – Craig Moore

On the Soc Kienzle-led trek along the Kokoda Track (14 August, 2016), Craig Moore, delivered a unique and emotional service to the group at Brigade Hill that he’d written himself prior to departing Australia…

Good Morning Everyone,

I would like to read to you a short story I wrote about the relationship between the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels and the Australian Men and the comparison between the personal carriers and us as trekkers today.

As you are well aware the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels were a critical partnership for the Australian Campaign, in not only mine but many other opinion, without them we would not only have fallen to the Japanese forces but many more lives would have been lost.

The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels provided not only the support needed to evacuate the wounded, carry the supplies needed to the troops, but also gave the troops someone else to befriend.

Today as we trek our own journey across the Kokoda Trail we too are given the same support and comradery with these wonderful blokes, without them we would not be able to eat, get clean water, be overwhelmed with the extra weight in our packs and in most cases be lost in the jungle.

Just as the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels were critical to the Australian troops, you guys are critical to us and our journey along this trail.

Everyone here is doing this trail for their own reasons and without you here we would not be able to complete this trek.

You are always there to lend a hand in support when needed, provide a friendship unlike no other

In my case grab me and support me going down those steep declines.

And cut your way through un trekked bushland, sometimes to find nothing at all.

So I personally would like to thank each and every one of you, for all your help and support along this trip.

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