10 Reasons Why People Like To Trek

For many people, trekking around the world provides a number of exciting benefits. When you go on a trek, you leave your usual home life far behind as you experience some truly extraordinary events and activities. Although there are many good reasons to go on a trek, we’ve narrowed our list down to the top 10 reasons why people like to trek.

1. To Improve Fitness

Many people join a trek to improve their own fitness and strength. To survive advanced treks through rugged terrain, you must have a certain level of physical endurance. A trek can be the ultimate test of your physical abilities and because of this it is a wonderful motivator to enhance physical fitness.

2. To Challenge Themselves

Many trekkers, novice or expert, enjoy the challenge that a trek presents to them. Trekking can be a highly rewarding activity, but to reap the rewards you have to be willing to put in the effort. Treks can challenge a person on many different levels and in many different ways (physically, mentally, spiritually, financially) and because of this goal setting is an important component to succeeding on your trek.

3. To Witness the Natural Beauty of the Earth

An trekking adventure can take you to places you’ve only dreamed of visiting after watching a documentary or reading a book about an exciting destination. Many of the world’s untouched treasures can only be reached through a long journey that is away from the high density tourist attractions and hot spots.

4. For an Adrenaline Rush

Some trips take you on risky journeys through precarious peaks and valleys. For a thrill-seeker, a trek can provide a much-needed adrenaline rush. Most of the time, when you go on these types of adventures you are able to choose just how much of a thrill you want by partaking in an array of activities on offer.

5. To Get Away From The Grind of Daily Life

Leaving home for a trek gives you the chance to take a break from work and other obligations. Instead of facing the endless traffic and crowds at your favourite shopping centre, you’ll be facing tall mountains and rushing rivers. For a brief time, you are able to forget the stress and frustrations in your life.

6. To Clear Their Mind

A trek may provide the perfect opportunity for you to clear your mind and consider your life in a new way. If you’re facing a significant life decision, a trip away from home can help you change your perspective. You may even meet a few new friends on your trek that can help you think more clearly.

7. For New Experiences

Travelling to unfamiliar territory frequently presents new and exotic experiences to you. Your trek may take you into direct contact with new cultures. This gives you an excellent way to experience unique cultural traditions first-hand.

8. To Add to Their Photo Collection

If you love to take photographs, a trek can help you add some stunning selections to your wall or albums. You’ll find a number of interesting subjects for your pictures, including fascinating people and amazing natural vistas. The traditional foods and costumes of the people you meet might also be good subjects for your pictures.

9. To Learn About The History of A Place

Taking a trek can take you on a journey through history. Many treks take you through lands that people traversed thousands of years before you. Through the course of your trek, you will learn more about those people and the changes in the planet’s natural history. You may also witness sites and hear stories about significant moments in history, as is the case during a Trek along the Kokoda Track.

10. To Raise Awareness

Some people use treks to launch a cause or raise awareness of a particular issue, such as the plight of an impoverished nation. You can use your trek to gather information about an important issue that you are passionate about, whether it is a global or local issue.

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