I recommend this journey to anyone who is up for a challenge...
After trekking Kokoda, Mt Wilhelm, the Bainings Mountains etc in Papua New Guinea, I was looking for something more. The Embessa Cultural Trek ticked all the boxes and to date is one of my favourite PNG Treks.

Every day was like a new adventure! River crossings, dense rainforest, open savannah, birds, wonderful plants, amazing untouched scenery, the list went on. Wayne was an excellent leader having exceptional trekking skills and a great sense of humour which he used to merry us along.

The carriers were well chosen – supportive when you needed it but gave you space if you preferred it that way. The food on this trip was well prepared and nutritious, a highlight at each meal! I especially enjoyed the welcome and greeting each village gave when we arrived. I found this trek more challenging than Kokoda but if you train hard for it (as I did) it will be an amazing trip well worth the preparation.

I recommend this journey to anyone who is up for a challenge they will always remember. Thanks Wayne for an incredible trip