Kapa Kapa 2016 - Conquered
The Getaway organised trek along the Kapa Kapa Trail follows the route taken across the island of New Guinea by the American 126th Regiment whilst en route to repel the Japanese from the northern beaches of Papua during WWII – but it is more than this.

Because it is a trek that has only been undertaken in its entirety a handful of times since the war it recreates the feel of how it must have been for the explorers of the early 20th century venturing into the mountainous interior of Papua for the first time.  You pass through 15 or so villages, where the inhabitants rarely see white people, they will welcome you, feed you and accommodate you; and all the while will be intensely curious about your way of life.  It is a humbling experience – who are the happier group, you or they?  A highlight of the trip is the full day boat trip up the Kemp-Welch River that leads you from the south coast into the remote interior, to a point from which you can only proceed by foot.  It is not a trek for the faint-hearted, but neither is it a trek to be missed, it is indeed an experience of a lifetime that you are unlikely to equal in any other country on earth.