Kokoda - You Beauty!!!
I recently returned from trekking the Kokoda Track with a school group. Planning for this took some time given the intense scrutiny of the Department of Education into the risk management process but Getaway Trekking were extremely helpful throughout this entire process.

I must pay tribute to the extraordinary work of Sue and Wayne who really helped to make this an extraordinary trip! The track is intense and requires a reasonable level of fitness but with proper planning and training you can cope with the rigours you face. In many ways your body conditions itself as you go along and by day 3-4, no hill seems too insurmountable.

If anything it is a mental game and the PNG boys have a saying – “Don’t look up” and “One step at a time”, and with this you can conquer anything the track can throw at you, including mud and a maze of slippery roots. The trek offers so much more than the walk itself. Wayne’s knowledge of history and the battles fought between the Australians and the Japanese in 1942 adds to the experience and you start to get an appreciation for the amazing efforts of our boys in what were appalling conditions and heavily out-numbered.

The services at Brigade Hill and Isurava were extremely emotive. Getting to know the culture of the PNG Boys who helped us on our trek by carrying our food, tents, and for most of the students were their personal carriers, was interesting and as a result strong bonds were formed between groups in our time together. I could not recommend Getaway Trekking enough for both their professionalism and for providing a wonderful experience I will never forget.

Our eight day trek ended so quickly and I enjoyed it so much I’d like to go back again! Wayno – I’d love to walk it again with you and your boys from Buna and Gono. It was a real pleasure – you made what I thought be a hard slog an enjoyable experience.

Thank you all once again. If you are a school group – I can tell you that Getaway Trekking know what it takes to look after school kids in an environment that can present many problems – but not once was I concerned with their approach.

It made our job as staff just that little bit easier so we could enjoy it too. You beauty!