Trekking Kokoda with my daughter was the most amazing - awesome thing I have done. I penned a poem about our experience with choosing a Trekking Company and the benefits of going with Getaway Trekking.
Was looking for a company, my daughter and me,
To do the Kokoda, a track you must see,
There’s so many out there, just google it you’ll agree,
So after time wasted, and a phone call or two,
It was pretty obvious, about who,
Getaway trekking, for quality and cost,
And Laurie the leader, who won’t get you lost.
So out on the hill, to train like a machine,
I had too many kilos, I had to get lean,
On September the fifth, time was up,
Jumped on a plane, to get closeup,
Packed my bags, with all kinds of stuff,
I really did take, heaps enough.
Out on the track, you won’t have to worry,
Cause the knowledge and wit, of a tour guide named Laurie,
He’s got it sorted, from the flights to the feeds,
And the porters will take care, of all your needs,
Three cheers for Laurie, he’s one of a kind,
A better leader, I think, you will not find.
Don’t just dream it, do it and see,
You’ll be amazed at the scenery, just like me,
From the terrain to the history, it can’t be described,
From the food to the fun, and a pig on the side,
A more caring company, it will be hard to beat,
Give them a ring, and book your seat,
So 5 stars for the company, 3 cheers for Laurie,
If you choose Getaway, you won’t be sorry.
Craig Mibus,
Digby Vic.