I HIGHLY Recommend Getaway Trekking
I completed the Kokoda Track last September (2018). Up until now I hadn't been able to leave feedback, as I really couldn't put into words how I felt about the trip. I was powerless to adequately articulate / document my experience. I have just returned from hiking the Freycinet Peninsula in Tasmania, and it was a guide there who actually jolted me with his words.  He said, " it is really corny, but the only time "Cup of Soup" tastes great is on a hike. Bingo!!

Back to Kokoda……My first holiday on my own for 20 years (without the family) and I chose to walk 96kms through PNG.  After a wonderful day of walking and taking in the most spectacular scenery and listening to Mike our guide with interesting dialogue about the Kokoda Campaign, setting up the sleeping arrangements and awaiting my turn to dance under a freezing water pipe to shower away the days sweat, it was time to sit  on the edge of a mountain hilltop with a cup of soup and quietly contemplate the days’ action and watch the sun go down over distant mountains. How incredibly blessed was I!   Being able to walk through virgin rainforest, attended to and maintained by the most efficient team of Buna Boy porters, cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and cup of soup for entree, pasta for dinner and bed by 8pm.  It really was a spiritual journey for me and I can’t think that there was anything more that Getaway could have done to make my hike any better.  The closer we got to Kokoda, the more I cried – I didn’t want it to end and would have happily turned around and walked back to Owers’ Corner.  I chose Getaway because on research, they look after their porters professionally (they fly the Buna Boys to and from Port Moresby and accommodate them), and on a personal note, each porter is a respected member of the team. Bless you, Hubert, for all that you did for me!  Watson, the team leader was like The Phantom, the ghost who walks (for all those old comic readers), as he quietly walked behind us, keeping tabs on us all.  I  highly recommend Getaway to anyone considering Kokoda and guarantee that it will be an experience that will never be forgotten.