Greatest adventure of my life...
I chose to do the Kokoda Track with my father in honour of my grandfather who fought there. I had high expectations - VERY high. What we walked away with in the end was beyond incredible.

Getaway Trekking blew every expectation out of the water and then STILL delivered more. When speaking with Wayne, Sue & Deb initially and deciding whether to book or not, I felt so comforted by not only their experience and wealth of knowledge, but also their business ethics.

They are a beautiful local company committed to the welfare of the villages and local carriers that it made my decision so clear. In my opinion – there is no other option than to experience Kokoda with Getaway Trekking.

This experience will change you in more ways than I can articulate and I cannot wait to get my boots back on and lock in another trek with them in PNG for next year!!!