A holiday and much more...
I would have to say this was one of the most rewarding trips / holidays I have ever done. At the start I wasn’t sure whether to call it a holiday. I was walking 96 km after all. But it was a holiday and much more.

I just completed the Kokoda trek with my 16 yo son with Wayne and his Getaway Trekking Team. I have travelled Europe and Asia and Australia and usually seek a bit of adventure in everything we do.

Wayne’s team of local men to assist us were fantastic. They were warm and helpful beyond the any typical service you would expect from a hospitality service provider. They were proud and cared for us all.

Wayne’s knowledge of there trek, surrounds and PNG was excellent and his historic knowledge was also good. I was wanting to be immersed in the war time history and I was, more than what I expected. It was truly touching.

12 days with out radio and any technology was incredibly scary at the start but something I will be seeking regularly. Better than any therapy.

Many people before me described completing the trek as ‘life changing’. I couldn’t understand why they would say this, but I agree with them.

The negatives would be the post trek. PNG is an unpredictable and dysfunctional place. In a way all part of the experience I suppose.

Thanks Wayne and his team.