Well organised!
Greg, our leader was just great! Highly organised, as we'd come to expect from being our Car Club President for some 8 years.  Provided excellent insight into the history of the Kokoda campaign throughout the trek, very emotional it was too.


The “boys”, read “men”, were all just fantastic. Really caring about their charges, never a complaint and unbelievably sure footed and tough with heavy packs.  Well organised by Humphrey the Trek Master, great food, plenty of it and the whole team was just great.  Could not recommend Getaway any higher to anyone wanting a unique Kokoda experience, not just of the toughness of the track itself, but of the Campaign that has made it so well known.  Enforces just how lucky we are to live in this great country, and what we owe to those who went to PNG and did not come home, as well as those that did, carrying scars that most continued to hide for the rest of their lives.