Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea (PNG) provides an extremely diverse travel experience, with a wealth of activities and experiences available.

PNG lies within the tropics, just south of the Equator. The country encompasses the eastern part of New Guinea Island – the second largest island in the world, plus some 600 other islands, atolls and coral reefs, giving visitors access to excellent surfing and diving experiences.

A central core of mountains, the Owen Stanley Ranges, runs east to west, rising steeply from the coastal plains. The rugged mountain terrain and deep cave systems offer wonderful adventure opportunities for trekkers, cavers and climbers, and there is canoeing, kayaking and fishing on the river and delta system.

Trekking provides a way to combine all PNG has to offer. Walks such as the Kokoda Track give the opportunity to participate in cultural experiences and connect with locals, pay respect to history and the ability to view unique flora and fauna.

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