The Himalayan Country…

On the 28th May 2008, the constituent assembly voted in overwhelming favour of abolishing the Monarchy in Nepal. Nepal has been proclaimed a “Federal Republic State” to be known as the “Democratic Republic of Nepal”.

Nepal is one of the most beautiful as well as imaginative dreamlands in Asia. It is the richest country in the world in terms of bio-diversity due to its unique geographical position and latitudinal variation. Being home to the world’s highest mountains, historical cities and the forested plains where the lordly tigers and the great one-horned rhinoceros trundle at ease. In fact enchantment is everywhere for anyone in search of Shangri-La.

Kathmandu is the capital with its rich cultural heritage, exquisite temples and Pagodas dedicated to the Hindu Gods & Goddess, Buddhist Chaityas and old palaces with carved windows and doors are a sculptor.

Nepal is probably the most famous destination in the world for a growing range of outdoor activities, covered in a separate section of this guide. Trekking from village to village through the hills and up into high Himalayan valleys is an experience not to be missed. The scenery varies from cultivated terraces to lush rhododendron forests to glacier-capped peaks.