Culture and Custom


Indian culture is a blend of various cultures across the world, at different points in history and also its own rich traditions. Though development and modernity has set in. the people of India remain rooted in their strong and rich heritage.

The uniqueness of Indian culture lies in its strong social system and family values. The elders are considered the driving force and so are respected and loved. The guests are considered as gods and are treated with respect and love, even if by foregoing some of the personal pleasures. Indians are always ready to help one another in times of need. The philosophy of distributing joy and sharing sorrows is also an important part of Indian culture.

Such unity in diversity can be seen here which teaches tolerance and respect for others. As other countries have their own culture as even india has its own culture with indian customs and traditions.While it is considered good manners to leave a little bit of your drink in certain regions of the world, in others you could end up offending the host with such a gesture.The culture of India is inherent from its rich and diverse migrations and invasions from over 5000 year old history.Indian traditions and rituals It has an immense physical, religious, racial and linguistic variety. Indian culture is defined by the ideas, thoughts and philosophies prevalent in the country and its people.

The mildness and humaneness of Indian culture can be seen in all aspect of life. India has people from all religions and walks of life living together in harmony. India being the birth place of many religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, there is freedom to worship and practice any religion throughout the country. In times of calamity as well as celebrations, all religions come together and share the feelings of one another.