Volunteer + Trekking = Voluntrekking

Yes, we’re very clever aren’t we? Combining the words Volunteer and Trekking to coin a new word/phrase in Voluntrekking… no need to pat us on the back as we have already ūüėČ

The idea behind launching this new addition to our existing product range was actually born from a) the close relationship we have with our partner supplier in Nepal and b) our company core value; Social Responsibility.

As we know, on the 25th April 2015, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the Himalayan nation of Nepal, causing destruction on a massive scale. Last reports state that the death toll exceeded 9,000. Those injured totalled more than 13,000 and, overall, approximately 8 million Nepali people were affected. It is quite clearly the deadliest natural disaster in Nepal in a very, very long time.

Getaway Trekking’s partner firm came to us some time ago to discuss how we could assist their¬†people following the devastation, in particular, could we aid them in the promotion of a trek to the Gorkha region whereby participants would not only trek but assist locals in the building of houses for those who had lost their homes. Given our close relationship and ties with Nepal, we had no hesitation in putting our hand up.

Over time, this initial journey has morphed into the Rebuild Nepal and Annapurna Trek with a weekly departure. We discovered that, like us, many other Australians (and others from around the world) wanted to give back and help where they could, combining their love of trekking with their passion for volunteerism.

At the beginning of 2016, the Getaway Trekking team got their heads together to discuss where else we could look to offer a¬†similar program and ensure that the business continues to live it’s Social Responsibility Core Value,¬†hence Voluntrekking was born, starting with the¬†Rebuild Nepal and Annapurna Trek.

Over the coming months, we will begin to add new trips to our Voluntrekking range as we finalise all the work being done behind the scenes to work out logistics, causes, destinations etc.

We hope that you’ll join us on one of these expeditions one day very soon… a truly life-changing experience.



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