Trekking the Kokoda Track is a challenging experience, with extensive uphill and downhill sections. A high level of fitness is required although you do not have to be super fit or an Olympic athlete! You will however enjoy the experience much more if you have completed an extensive training program prior to tackling the trek.

It is very important to prepare yourself for the challenge ahead. We provide a recommended training schedule to all of our clients, though this is a guide only. Many of our trekkers have used this as a training guide and have found it very successful in their preparation.

In addition to general fitness and core work, we highly recommend lots of hill training and stair climbing. You need to be doing a minimum of 2-3 sessions of hill training per week, and a 6-8 hour hill walk on the weekend. It’s also a good idea to back that up with a shorter walk the following day.

Remember, this is a guide only. Your training should ramp up as you get closer to your trek – you cannot train on too many hills.