Europe Visa Info


If you intend to transit through or visit several Schengen states (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, the Slovak Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain.) for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes you have to obtain your Schengen visa from the Consulate of the country of your main destination.

If your main destination cannot be ascertained, the country you first enter is responsible for granting your visa.

Please note that Australian citizens holding an ordinary passport do not need a visa for stays up to 90 days for all Schengen states for tourist or business purposes.

Schengen visas for stays over 90 days are not available.

Schengen land (= the Schengen area, the Schengen countries):

In 1985, five EU countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) agreed to abolish all checks on people travelling between them. This created a territory without internal borders which became known as the Schengen area. (Schengen is the town in Luxembourg where the agreement was signed).

The Schengen countries introduced a common visa policy for the whole area and agreed to establish effective controls at its external borders. Checks at the internal borders may be carried out for a limited period if public order or national security make this necessary. Little by little, the Schengen area has been extended to include every EU country plus Iceland and Norway, and the agreement has become an integral part of the EU treaties.

However, Ireland and the United Kingdom do not take part in the arrangements relating to border controls and visas. You do not need a visa for travelling within the Schengen area if you are a citizen of one of the Schengen countries. If you have a visa for entering any Schengen country it automatically allows you to travel freely throughout the Schengen area, except Ireland and the United Kingdom.