I want to thank and commend Getaway Trekking for the way in which you not
only prepared us but took us through the entire Kokoda experience.

For those of us who were able to partake in the training walks these were
invaluable preparation for us and equipment advice received from your
experienced people whilst on these walks and in subsequent communications
was also invaluable.

The trip itself went seamlessly from the time we arrived in PNG until our
departure which was in no small part due to Getaway Trekking’s attention to
every detail both prior to and whilst we were in PNG.

Now in hindsight I think all of us who were on the trek can say for certain
that it was a very complex and rewarding ‘journey’ made up of light hearted
moments, intense and powerful moments, discovery of a beautiful yet rugged
countryside, discovery of ‘The Boys’ – our carriers and support for our

Every aspect of our ‘journey’ was managed so well by Getaway Trekking that I
cannot imagine that anyone could have come away with a more complete and
fulfilling experience than we had.

– It was enjoyable, powerful and really memorable.

In particular I’d like to say a special thanks to Laurie Philipsen from
Getaway Trekking who led us, checked in on our welfare along the way,
clearly had a great rapport with ‘The Boys’ and an obvious passion for his
Getaway Trekking role and the subject matter.

– Thanks again Laurie for your part in making our trip such a
great one.

All in all, thanks Getaway Trekking, it’s been an experience to reflect on
for many years to come’.

I would like to thank you, Sue and Deb for all your assistance, support and encouragement these last few months . I have enjoyed the walks and company immensely, and the opportunity to pick the brains of you all has helped ease my mind. I will be highly recommending your company. Thank you so very much for offering a service that’s goes above and beyond.

Warmest regards

Carmel Thompson

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience with Laurie and the Getaway BUNA boys!

We had a fantastic time and cant recommend you highly enough. I am going to push for a corporate trek with our business possibly 2016/17. I will book it directly through you if we do. Leave it with me to spread the word and plant a few seeds and who knows???

I think there is lots to be learnt not just on the track but from the porters and of course of ourselves. Laurie did a fantastic job and we were all so appreciative of everything.
Have a great day

One thing I really loved was the relationship formed between the porters and us. Everyone’s was different and for me Norbert became like a brother. We have exchanged text messages a few times since returning and managed a quick chat over the phone.

Nicole and Nelson were like mother and son. I was lovely to learn more about the boys and their life. You must be so proud of them all and the bond you have formed with them goes beyond work and business.

In my business relationships are everything. Our personal trainers are real friends with their clients who invite them to dinner their wedding, they do events together (ie kokoda) and really are a massive community of which I am immensely proud. I can see the similarities in values and understandings of taking someone literally on a journey straight out of their comfort zone. Being able to establish trust and security and rapport is the key to a happy and stress free visit

Cheers jo