Thank you so much for a wonderful experience with Laurie and the Getaway BUNA boys!

We had a fantastic time and cant recommend you highly enough. I am going to push for a corporate trek with our business possibly 2016/17. I will book it directly through you if we do. Leave it with me to spread the word and plant a few seeds and who knows???

I think there is lots to be learnt not just on the track but from the porters and of course of ourselves. Laurie did a fantastic job and we were all so appreciative of everything.
Have a great day

One thing I really loved was the relationship formed between the porters and us. Everyone’s was different and for me Norbert became like a brother. We have exchanged text messages a few times since returning and managed a quick chat over the phone.

Nicole and Nelson were like mother and son. I was lovely to learn more about the boys and their life. You must be so proud of them all and the bond you have formed with them goes beyond work and business.

In my business relationships are everything. Our personal trainers are real friends with their clients who invite them to dinner their wedding, they do events together (ie kokoda) and really are a massive community of which I am immensely proud. I can see the similarities in values and understandings of taking someone literally on a journey straight out of their comfort zone. Being able to establish trust and security and rapport is the key to a happy and stress free visit

Cheers jo

Dear Getaway Trekking and Adventures,

My name is James Burgess and I recently embarked on the Kokoda Track from the 25th of November to the 4th of December 2014. I am a 17 year old who as part of celebrating my graduation from Year 12 thought it would be a good idea to do something adventurous, significant and challenging to signify my achievements and push my aspirations as I move forward, and I certainly got what I wished for.

During the 8-9 day walk I was presented with everything I could have dreamed of and more. From the demanding terrain pushing every ounce of your being, to the utterly breathtaking mountainsides and villages we passed, I was never disappointed in my goal to experience something truly world class. And despite the hard times, there was not a moment I wasn’t excited and ready for “one more hill?”. From the outstanding help of the ‘boys’, or the porters, to the fun times and laughs shared between all the trekkers, I continued to believe we were part of a family. We share something that is not only epic in terms of achievement but also the experience which I hold incredibly close to my heart.

It is important to recognize that Kokoda isn’t for the feint heated. It requires endurance and strength of the body but most importantly determination and commitment of the mind. You will find yourself digging deeper than you have before and striving for limits you didn’t think you could set. It is this quality that made Kokoda such an accomplishment personally.

After reading the history of Kokoda and completing the track myself, I have gained enormous amounts of respect for the Australian soldiers you fought during the campaign. The track will not teach you of the struggles or hardship they faced, but at least it gave me some idea to the suffering I only wish I could repay.

Words cannot describe the journey the others and I experienced. The highs and the, never truly low, lows harmonized perfectly into my single greatest accomplishment. It is something I sincerely recommend to everyone, despite age or gender, and it is something I hope to conquer once again.

Thank you,

James Burgess


Isurava Memorial Poem

Walk this track trekker

Let your poles take the strain

Put on your rain coat

To stay out of the rain

Fill your bellies with food on your 10 minute rests

Sports drinks and gels to bring out your best.


Talk about family, your footy, your dreams

To your sore muscles and joints,

Rub in liniments and creams

Joke of your depravity-

How long since a beer?

And think of the meal

When you get out of here.


But remember the fallen

On the track where you walk

Silently watching

For they cannot talk

They see you from foxholes,

Scared, sick and in pain

Covered in mud

They stay out in the rain.


Consider their families, their friends and their


They didn’t have liniments, ointments or creams.

Maybe, just a cigarette and a light from a mate

Before the next firestorm

Decided their fate.


So walk this track Trekker

And consider their gain

Is the life that you live, out of the rain.

And in silence be awed,

By the feats of their time

As your poles take the strain

Of one more hill, one last time.


Kylie Luce 2010